About the Photographer:
My name is Kenneth C Pollard Jr Owner/Operator of imageperspectives Photography. My interest in Printing Production and Photography began thirty years ago at the area Technical School Newstanton, Pennsylvania. I performed and managed all assigned activities, including layout/design, photography, and print-press operations. I was inspired by my first employer at Commercial Printing Company in Greensburg, Pennsylvania as a Photography/Platemaker Apprentice. I have been a Photographer in Pittsburgh for fifteen years. Currently, I am looking to expand business with clients who need photography services. I accept a broad range of assignments and will provide services at affordable, competitive rates. Some of my other photography Clients include Wedding Photography, Business Website Images, Private Model Portaits, and Event Photography.
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You present the challenge.

You may not use, copy or redistribute my photos without my permission. Do not claim my photos as your own.
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